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The Dark Peak NESSH jacket put to the test

Red NESSH jacket The Wave Utah

“When I wear this jacket, I feel like I’m actually wearing a hug from Santa Claus.” – Kim from Back O’ Beyond.

We’re pleased to say that the Dark Peak NESSH jacket has been a hit with outdoors enthusiasts of all kinds since its launch. It’s been tested in mountains, deserts and every place in between by hikers, back country skiers, weekend ramblers and even adventurers camping wild in the snow in the middle of winter! We’ve been blown away by the positive reception to both the jacket and our One Sold One Given mission.

“Warmer than my Arc’teryx” – Matt Nelson @way.offgrid

Here are a few of our favourite reviews:

Back O’ Beyond (photo above) tested the jacket in some incredible landscapes in Southern Utah –

Outdoor Journal took the NESSH jacket ice skating and skiing in sub zero temperatures in Finland –

Howl Bushcraft embarked on an expedition to walk the longest line across the UK without crossing a road –

Fiona Outdoors weighed up the merits of the One Sold One Given policy in her in-depth review –

Outdoors Magic (photo below) went ski touring in Austria with the NESSH jacket as a lightweight mid layer –

When Rob from Cool of the Wild finally got out adventuring after lockdown eased, his Dark Peak down jacket came everywhere with him –

The Dark Peak NESSH jacket also came highly recommended on the list of Best Down Jackets for 2020 by Ultimate Gear Lists and featured on the list of Best Down Jackets for Men: Responsibly Sourced in 2020 by Cool of the Wild.

Check out the NESSH jacket range for men HERE

And the women’s range HERE

2 thoughts on “The Dark Peak NESSH jacket put to the test

  1. As you can probably tell I have been VERY impressed with this Jacket. But perhaps the most impressive and admirable thing about Dark Peak is their charitable outlook. Firstly they supported a small group like us in trying to raise money for mountain rescue without hesitation. More importantly however, for every Nessh Jacket they sell they donate a warm synthetic jacket to the homeless via their ‘one sold one given’ initiative. I would recommend the Nessh jacket for the outdoors regardless but this level of generosity is beyond admirable. If you mind hasn’t already been made up then this should be a deal maker.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Tamiflu

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