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Getting Back To Nature: How to feel at home in the outdoors

Getting back to nature can feel like a mountain of a task in today’s climates when we’re surrounded by technology and all sorts of screens. But that’s no reason to keep putting it off. There are so many benefits to getting outside and being with nature, even if it is just in your own back garden. So if you feel like you’ve lost touch with mother nature, it’s never too late to dip your toe back in the water.

On Your Doorstep

If getting out in the countryside is difficult for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t get back to nature. If you don’t have a car or means of transport, try getting back to nature by walking through one of your local parks, or even just down by the side of a river or canal. Find a nice spot to read your book for a while and as you listen to the sound of the birds and feel the blades of grass on your feet, you’ll start to feel like you’re getting back to nature already.

If you have a garden at home, this is a perfect way to get back to nature, without even going anywhere. Spend some time gardening to really get to know the nature around you, understand who lives and what grows in your own back garden. You’ll be surprised what flora and fauna will thrive just metres away from where you sleep at night.

Another really productive way to get back to nature is to grow your own food. You’ll know by now that you can grow food on the tiniest of balconies and window sills, so getting back to nature isn’t as hard as it seems. Try your hand at a herb garden to feel a little closer to nature, or if you’ve got the room in your garden, how about planting some potatoes or some carrots? You’ll feel like you’ve really got back to nature when it’s time to use them for dinner.

If you’re starting at the very beginning of your journey back to nature, go small at first by bringing a few plants into your home. You’ll soon find yourself adding to your nature collection as you find different plants and flowers that you think will look great in your living room or kitchen.

Further Afield

If it’s easy for you to get out into the countryside, woodland, moorland or to a lake, one of the best ways to start getting back to nature is by learning to identify the animals and plants around you. Why not treat yourself to a book of birds or plants so you can work to figure out what you see when you get out? Invest in a decent pair of binoculars so you can see wildlife from a distance, without scaring them off by getting too close.

Alternatively, use your camera to take beautiful photographs of the outdoor spaces you visit. If you get some really good ones you can even have them framed and hang them up in your home, taking yourself back to nature every time you look at one of them, as you remember the location and the moment you were there.

When you journey somewhere new, try taking little to no money with you. Take a picnic and perhaps a flask with you instead, so you’re not tempted to go and hide somewhere inside with a coffee. Embrace the elements, whether they’re hot or cold, and you’ll really feel like you’ve got back to nature.

Get the family involved and go on a camping trip so you can all get back to nature together. The kids will love being outdoors, exploring and discovering new things. Plus, sleeping under the stars together will give you a real sense that you have indeed made it back to nature.

Try switching off your mobile when you get outside, giving yourself only your senses to focus on; the feel of the breeze, the smell of the grass, the sound of water running. You’ll soon feel back to nature when you can recognise where you are and what’s in front of you with your eyes closed.

What Being Outdoors Can Do For You

Getting back to nature can not only improve your physical fitness, but your mental health too. Being amongst the plants and the wildlife can reduce your stress and elevate your mood as you clear your mind of the daily chores in your life and let your innate self get back to nature. Getting some fresh air every day can improve the quality of sleep you get as your body clock resets to the natural light around it.

Allowing yourself the time to get back to nature, be that alone or with family or friends, alleviates the pressures of work and home life, as you concentrate on only being with each other in a beautiful and serene space, rather than the load of washing you’ve got to do when you get home, or the paperwork you need to file when you get into work in the morning.

You may also find that encouraging yourself and others to get back to nature will also naturally encourage your conservation habits. As you get back to nature, you may find you begin to care more about the environment and those within it. As more and more people begin caring about the environment, more effort will be made to conserve it in all its glory, for generations to enjoy for years to come.

Getting back to nature can be as extravagant or as simple as you make it. There’s no pressure to travel miles away to the top of a mountain. Start small with a few plants in your indoor space and as you get closer and closer back to nature, you’ll find you want to take bigger steps to explore all mother nature has to offer. When it’s time to get outdoors and get exploring, our NESSH Jacket will make sure you’re kept warm, dry and comfortable when you’re out in the elements. Take a look at our website to find out more about our story and how our jackets can help you to get back to nature.