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One Sold, One Given, Every Time.

One Sold, One Given,
Every Time.

Why we give...

Because business should stand for more than just profit.

A Nessh Down Jacket with an equivalent jacket for a homeless person

At Dark Peak, we're passionate about great products, but we also believe it's not enough for a business to simply strive for profit, benefiting only a handful of shareholders. As a business, we have an opportunity to improve society, to give back and help bring issues to the forefront of people's minds. Which is why we decided to adopt a One Sold, One Given model, by promising that for every jacket we sell, we'll donate another jacket to a person affected by homelessness, in the country you live in.

In 2018 we surveyed 91 homeless charities across the US, with a simple question:
"What items of clothing do you see most demand for?"

What we give...

A durable jacket designed to meet the needs of a person living with homelessness.

Who we give to...

Dark Peak works with shelters, charities, non-profits and other philanthropic organizations who can get our jackets into the hands of homeless and displaced people who need help the most. We are just at the beginning of our One, Sold, One Given journey and we are excited to continue building relationships with charities around the world in your home country. If you are associated with a charity, shelter or organization interested in distributing our donation jackets, please get in touch and sign up to become part of our giving network.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: Is the jacket you give the same as the NESSH jacket?
A: No. For many reasons the NESSH jacket is not suitable for the needs of someone without permanent shelter. We have instead designed a different jacket that meets the needs of people living without permanent shelter. One of these jackets will be donated for every NESSH jacket sold.

Q: Is the jacket you donate branded with a Dark Peak logo?
A: No. The jacket we give is unbranded. This reduces its intrinsic value and reduces the temptation for someone to sell it, instead of wear it.

Q: Will the jacket being given on my behalf, go to someone in my home country?
A: Yes! We are looking to work with charities worldwide and wherever possible we will donate the jacket on your behalf, to a charity in your home country.

Q: If I return my jacket for a refund, will you still donate a jacket on my behalf?
A: No. Unfortunately, we can only give a jacket for every jacket sold. If you return your jacket for a refund, we cannot then afford to also give a jacket away.

Q: How do you donate the jackets?
A: In bulk, this usually means packages of 5, 10 or more jackets being sent directly to charitable partners who will then get them to the people who need them.

Q: Can I personally sign up to receive a donated jacket?
A: No. Unfortunately, we are not able to donate to individuals currently.